How to improve employee engagement

How to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee Experience Academy Aug 24, 2022   •   3 min read

What does employee engagement mean for a company?

A lot of firms are waking up to the fact that these days employees want to be genuinely engaged with the company and so they've started looking for ways to boost employee engagement in their staff.

Get employees' input on engagement

We can't say it enough, but the most important thing in a company to maintain a good relationship is communication. You must show interest and offer a real constructive exchange if you want to improve the engagement of your employees and collaborators.

This is one of the most important criteria for the employee. A person who doesn't feel comfortable with his team members will impact the relationship he has with the company and therefore the company's performance.

Empower your employee engagement by providing outstanding HR support

Feeling heard and valued is a great factor of engagement and productivity. Managers and HR are the ones who can provide this sense of purpose to your employees.

As far as HR support goes, providing the right set of tools to your employees is key and HRIS can do it on point.

Employee Experience platforms are best in breed when it comes to increase employee engagement. They offer tools tailored to your employees' needs:

  • quick access to precise and accurate information
  • centralization of your information, processes, services
  • forms and workflows automation

You will also improve the engagement of your HR team who will be able to focus on high-value-added tasks by automating some of them.

Identify what your employees care about

The vast majority of employee engagement comes from a shared purpose and mission. Employees who feel like they have a voice in the decisions that affect their workday will be more engaged and motivated.

If you want to be more engaged with your employees, ask them what would help them feel like they're contributing instead of just working for the paycheck. Then make it happen.

Execute engagement strategy

Engagement is an ongoing process that requires constant attention and monitoring.

Engagement strategy to improve employee experience

Provide feedback when it's needed:

  • Encourage employees to ask questions: share ideas and discuss how they can improve their current job roles or careers. This will help you identify talent gaps within your team and develop plans to fill them.
  • Build trust: encourage open communication between managers, peers, and direct reports. Trust is key to building engagement because it allows employees to speak up without fear of retribution or punishment.
  • Create opportunities for growth: don't just give out raises; instead, look at ways you can help individuals advance professionally through training or new responsibilities within the company. You may also want to consider providing paid time off so that employees can focus on personal development outside of work if needed

Track progress to make sure initiatives are working

By tracking employee engagement, you'll be able to see if the initiatives you're putting in place are working. For example, do employees seem happier after the launch of a new product? If so, it's probably worth trying again with another launch next year. If not, then maybe it's time to change course or invest more resources in developing the product further.

When an initiative doesn't seem to be working as planned, make sure all employees are aware of this so they can consider any possible solutions together before making any final decisions about how things should continue going forward.

Give feedback and recognition to increase employee satisfaction

Feedback is one of the most important ways to improve employee engagement. It’s a chance to give employees a lot of praise, but also point out areas for improvement.

Your feedback doesn’t have to be negative, either. You can make it positive by highlighting something that an employee did well in a recent project or even something that wasn’t so great but was still doable. This is an opportunity for you to help your team members improve their work and become more valuable to your company.

Offer regular performance reviews

Performance reviews are another way to give employees an opportunity to provide some feedback about themselves, their team members, and the company as a whole. They also serve as an opportunity for managers to give high-level feedback.

How everyone works together and how they can continue improving their skills over time through training and development opportunities offered by the company or related partnerships with other companies or organizations in the industry (such as professional associations).