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Customer Story #3: Upperside - Healthcare Industry Holding

Customer Stories Sep 16, 2022   •   2 min read

How a French Business Conglomerate leverages AI without technical skills to automate their HR Support?

“Clevy OnDemand allows us to save considerable time by automating HR questions with AI. My team was able to set up the platform in a few weeks, and we now only spend about an hour per week processing basic questions. Automated processes are part of the HR modernization."

Anne-Sophie BESSON, HR Director, Upperside

572 avoided emails over a 2 months period
94% AI-automated answers
4.2 questions asked per employee per month on average
Automate HR support

When HR teams are committed to offering innovative services dedicated to improving their employee's experience and developing their talents, they need at some time to save some time from other time-consuming activities. That's why the Upperside Group decided to implement an HR tool based on AI ("Charly") to automate responses to recurring questions gaining time, responsiveness, and efficiency.

The Human Resources department spent a couple of weeks creating and training "Charly" without writing a single line of code, thanks to Clevy OnDemand. As a result, Upperside's employees now have access to precise and contextualized answers. The outcome exceeds expectations: the tool's performance rate is 94%.

Clevy OnDemand is fully integrated with Upperside’s HRIS ecosystem and, for instance, lets employees request PTO directly in their Virtual Assistant through a direct connection to the HRIS Lucca.

Easy to use for HR teams and employees, the project reached its objectives and allowed the HR department to become more efficient and spend more time on things that matter, such as talent development.

HR Improvment

CHARLY's main features

  • Connection to the Lucca HRIS to automate PTO requests
  • 100% accuracy rate, meaning employees always trust the answers they receiveExtended coverage of HR questions: 271 questions and 3227 variations build up the tool's knowledge base, 14 decision trees to offer profile-based answers