French national railway network: 2M€ of annual man-days in HR support

Customer Story #4: SNCF - Railway Network

Customer Stories Sep 16, 2022   •   2 min read

How the French National Railway Network managed to save 2M€ of annual man-days in HR Support?

“We are committed to responding to our employees' requests with agility and accuracy. Clevy OnDemand is able to process more than 500 internal client requests per day automatically and in a highly qualitative way. We are proud of our team of HR experts who ensured the success of this innovative project”

Jean-Yves ALLANET, Digital projects, SNCF

96% user satisfaction
+20000 questions asked per month on average
88% AI-automated answers

In 2018, SNCF started using Clevy OnDemand to create “RHD2” a genuine virtual collaborator that assists SNCF Réseau's 47000 employees with all their HR procedures, and answering automatically most of their 20000 questions every month.

HR support management

RHD2's knowledge base contains 2500 answers divided into more than 15 categories. The Knowledge Base is managed by a team of experts whose work is highly praised by the organization: the 600 questions asked each day indicate the trust employees place in the tool. This usage has enabled significant savings for the SNCF, letting the company reassign its HR Resources to strategic projects and more added value tasks.

Added Value Task

RHD2’s welcome message and applications bring relevant information down to the employees and provide direct access to SNCF's HR software. The collaboration between SNCF and Clevy OnDemand has been rewarded with two innovation awards, the Leaders in Human Capital and Digital HR Awards. The strategic use cases and the new functionalities in the pipeline confirm RHD2's vocation to foster innovation at SNCF.

RHD2’s main features

  • 2500 knowledge items that provide a quick answer to employees' recurring questions
  • +8 Integrated HRIS natively accessible as Clevy OnDemand’s Apps
  • Outstanding user satisfaction and usage rate