Groupama - From 2 hours to 2 minutes of employee assistance a day

Customer Story #2: Groupama - Insurance

Customer Stories Sep 16, 2022   •   2 min read

How a French insurance group reduced its HR Support Requests by 90% in a few weeks?

“AVA is now part of the company's day-to-day life and is always available for our employees. Thanks to AVA, we have gone from 2 hours daily on the phone to a few minutes a week to answer recurring HR questions."

Sarah Bachouchi, HR Projects, Groupama Occitanie

+15200 questions asked in 2022
87% AI-automated answers
96% monthly active users

Around 1900 employees got access to AVA (Clevy OnDemand AI-powered Virtual Agent) once it was launched in the company.

AVA is a tool that regroups knowledge from 7 HR sub-divisions, enabling it to cover an exhaustive range of HR subjects such as Training, Career, and Administrative.

HR project

AVA is natively integrated with two of Groupama's most used HR Information Systems: the PeopleDoc digital safe solution and the Horoquartz time management software. AVA thus provides employees with a rich and connected conversational experience which gives quick access to HR information in self-service.

Two major communication campaigns fostered the adoption process to the point that AVA has become part of the employees' habits. According to 600 answers to an integrated feedback form, 95% of end users are delighted with AVA's support.

HR information self service

AVA's main features

  • Connection to Horoquartz: Access to Leave Balance
  • PeopleDoc connection: Automated support to activate and access the digital safe solution
  • Easy-to-use Back-office platform for HR agents: only a few minutes per week are needed to manage and update the tool's 622 knowledge items