How the Ministry of Education offered enriched guidance to an international audience

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Customer Stories Sep 23, 2022   •   1 min read

Adele and Cybele: How the ministry of education offered enriched guidance to an international audience

Clevy OnDemand takes care of all level 1 questions on the diploma recognition subject. We can now focus on higher-value questions.

Laurence Sauvageot, Digital Projects, FEI

208 000 yearly questions asked to Cybele
72% Automated Answers Rate by AI

Available on the national website for international students, Cybele handles a massive number of daily questions. To reach the high-performance rate of 72%, Clevy carried out preparative work collecting and processing recurring questions from an email base. The result aligns with the objectives and allows us to offer a quality service to end-users. Information on file processing and diploma recognition are thus accessible to a wide range of users.

25 000 yearly questions asked to Adele
65% Automated Answers Rate by AI

With a significant knowledge base concerning many countries, the Adele platform is also a powerful public tool for accessing information about language assistant professions.

Education with AI an enriched guidance for international audience

To assist candidates in completing their applications, Adele must provide a rapid and precise answer to avoid searching for information on the entire website. Like Cybele, Adele allows administrators to save a considerable amount of time: the questions taken care of by Clevy OnDemand are entirely automated.

Main features of Cybele and Adele:

  • Extended coverage of previous user questions to cover all enquiries about countries, qualifications and job opportunities
  • High accuracy rate to ensure accessible and valuable information