How an insurance company saved quality work time for HR Support employees

Customer Story #1: CNP - Insurance

Customer Stories Sep 16, 2022   •   1 min read

How an insurance company reallocated quality work time of their HR employees?

“Actively promoting HR information to our employees avoids many questions. We are glad that we were able to quickly get to grips with the Clevy tool and adjust it to our needs. The results are excellent.”

Serge Kotroukhoff, HRIS Department Director

2050 questions asked per quarter
76% AI-automated answers
1/4 of all employees use it on a monthly basis

Alleviating the recurrent workload of a small HR department was the primary motivation for CNP Assurances to deploy an automated solution. Iris was created with the existing knowledge base of a previous HR tool, including the new features of Clevy OnDemand: natural language understanding, pre-integrated HR knowledge, and all-purpose API connections. The migration to Clevy OnDemand devices was quick and facilitated by the Clevy OnDemand platform's flexibility and the teams' availability.

With a well-stocked knowledge base and valuable use stability, Iris is ready to move to the next level. The chatbot will soon be deployed on Microsoft Teams and connected to the customer HRIS system (ADP and Talentsoft). The simplification and automation of HR processes are indeed the IRIS chatbot's future, such as training, assessment, remuneration, payroll management, and leave-taking.

Collaborators who work in highly digitalized environments appreciate finding their IRIS chatbot in a new, more efficient form conducive to innovative projects.

Automation HR Processes

Main features of IRIS Chatbot

  • Complete coverage of HR issues: 500 Q&A in the knowledge base
  • 99.8% accuracy rate to ensure reliable and valuable information
  • Ongoing deployment in Microsoft Teams to be ever more quickly available to employees
  • HRIS integration projects to automate workflows